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National Guard Uniform Experience

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National Guard Uniform Experience


The National Guard has been trying to get prospective recruits to visualize what they would look like outfitted in Guard attire. Not everyday do people considering the Guard have the opportunity to visualize what they would look like while serving. Remaining cutting edge and innovative, RedPeg developed the Augmented Reality Uniform Experience (ARUE) to allow users to digitally see themselves in 3 different Guard uniforms. Using marker recognition to activate an on-screen uniform, users can modify the uniform to fit properly. Gesture-based navigation allows participants to scroll through the uniform options, and add the corresponding hat. Once properly positioned, a wave of the hand triggers the camera, and a printout of the participant in Guard uniform. Transforming rational thoughts into emotional benefits, users view the opportunity for a bright tomorrow.

Key Elements

  • Augmented reality technology form fits National Guard uniform to the user
  • Switch uniform style and add a corresponding hat through gestural recognition
  • Postcard printed to show the user what they look like in uniform