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The key to our business is also the key to our client's business—relationships. Our goal is to deliver as many of them as possible and to make them stick. We build targeted campaigns that connect brands with their current and future audience.

GEICO on the Green

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GEICO on the Green


Just as with business, golf can never be mastered. Years of practice, loyalty, and passion can produce as much struggle as success. After operating for nearly three-quarters of a century as the nation’s leading low-cost insurance provider, GEICO still felt certain segments of the population were not hearing or understanding their message. In order to reach these “successful sophisticates,” RedPeg booked the insurance giant seven tee times on the PGA Tour. GEICO on the Green provided consumers the opportunity for a custom putter fitting, competed in a challenge to make as many consecutive putts as possible, and captured their success in a custom victory celebration photo. In addition, RedPeg leveraged GEICO’s current sports assets by having their endorsed PGA tour golfers appear for signings, meet & greets, and basic instruction.

Key Elements

  • Focused sponsorship targeting more affluent consumers with multiple lines of insurance
  • 30-foot dome (designed like a golf ball)
  • Green screen victory celebration photos on the 18th green
  • 77% qualified leads (14,382 total leads)
  • 64% photo retrieval from e-mail follow-up