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RedPeg has been forging emotional bonds between consumers and brands since 1995. Our success is a result of our devoted, experienced teams creating the right interactions with the right consumers.


RedPeg Marketing is a full-service, integrated agency specializing in highly targeted marketing. Our team of passionate experiential marketers serves as counsel for brands looking to create campaigns that drive a relationship with their consumers and produce high impact results.

Our Client Service department provides a gateway between our clients and all RedPeg teams—the stitch that weaves everything together throughout the process. Exceptional strategy lives and dies with the ability to put it in to the field in the right way. Client Services is there every step of the way to ensure that goals and expectations are met.

Client Services


RedPeg keeps one eye on the present and one eye on the future. Our passion to innovate fuels our penchant for delivering new experiences to audiences who have grown tired of traditional interactions. Our campaigns are high-impact, and often utilize new technologies to interact and converse with audiences is ways that surprise them, and offer them new means of personalizing their experience.

Thought Leadership

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