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RedPeg Marketing is a full-service, award winning experiential marketing and promotions company, specializing in the design and execution of brand-building experiences that form lasting relationships between brands and their audiences.

National Guard Mobile Learning Center (The Energy Lab)
National Guard Mobile Learning Center (The Energy Lab)
The Energy Lab seeks to raise STEM literacy by focusing on technology while exploring energy efficiency and alternative energy sources. More information
Texas on Tour
Texas on Tour
RedPeg created a multi-sensory experiential campaign that was true to the Texas brand, would dispel typical stereotypes of the Lone Star State, and introduce hidden Texas gems. More information
The Chevy Experience
The Chevy Experience
Understanding that the message is only as important as the way in which it is presented, RedPeg developed a high-tech environment to show off Chevy's newest line of vehicles. More information
National Guard's EPIC: Remix Your Future
National Guard's EPIC: Remix Your Future
EPIC is an innovative, cutting edge application that instantly immerses the user and enables them to see how they would fit in the National Guard. Users produce a personal video experience by choosing a theme, soundtrack and video focus, mixing the music, and adding sound effects. More information
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  • Interested in driving an electric car? Test drive the Chevy Volt near Metro - DC 10/29-30 8-5pm.
  • We're so proud of the amazing coverage the National Guard Energy Lab is getting. Take a tour with Fox News! http://bit.ly/audog
  • The Energy Lab is currently activating at Ballou HS in DC. Check out what it is all about at http://bit.ly/bYyya6
  • All you online and mobile gamers- what are your thoughts on brand capitalizing on the gaming experience? http://bit.ly/d820wt
  • Very cool viral video that Levi's produced. What's more interesting is how it was produced. Check it out- bit.ly/dDn0MS

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In the Spotlight CAPITAL COMMUNICATOR RedPeg Marketing has been named Agency of Record for the Washington Area Chevrolet Dealers, a group of 28 dealerships in Maryland, Virginia and the greater DC region. Read Article
National Guard's Lab Fuels Math, Science Mission MEDIA POST The National Guard is driving an interactive experience to high-schools across the country. Read Article


We give our campaigns room to roam. It’s how we attract the right people there, and keep them talking. Getting their attention is only valuable if we keep it. So we approach them from all angles using means of communication that compliment their lifestyle.

  • Advertising

    Advertising brings context to experience. We know that consumers don’t live in a vacuum and that every aspect of the marketing mix has relevance. To some in the traditional form, to others less so.

  • Digital

    The Microwave generation, the technologists, the digital age-—it does not matter what age or generation you are, digital cannot be denied. It is a way of life. Speaking with audiences in the manner in which they need and want to interact.

  • Event

    The event serves as the lightning rod that sparks an interaction and becomes the launching pad to a continued dialogue. The magic is not the event itself, but what comes after.

  • PR

    If PR were a person, it would be the friend you trust, that you go to for affirmation of what you believe and for validation of truth. PR becomes the partner in the mix that is much sought after.

  • Social

    Experiences are fleeting unless shared, remembered and passed along from one’s network to another. The world is connected through conversation that take place on the conversationalist’s terms.

  • Sponsorships

    The value of the right sponsorship is the halo effect the sponsorship has on its attendees. Like-minded people tend to congregate together in the same places and spaces.